Your numbers at hand and in time

Online invoicing, stock management, reporting and accounting software.

For entrepreneurs and their accountants!

Invoicing and Stock Management

Within seconds and three clicks you issue an invoice and send it by e-mail. Both you and your accountant have their records. If you have to issue recurent invoices they are automatically issued on the set date.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

With MAX, you can keep track of your expenses and earnings. You can know at any time the due date and the amount of taxes you have to pay. A graphical control panel shows you how the most important financial parameters of your business evolve.

Accounting and Financial Statments

MAX has all the functions of a professional accounting application. Compared to a desktop application requiring license, upgrades, backup, MAX is installed on an Amazon secure server to the highest standards, automated, does not require backup, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Importing Data from other Applications

MAX has data import algorithms from some applications as well as tablehead models to import data in a compatible format. If you are using a different application, you want to change to MAX and you can not use the application, we import your data from the current application.


For entrepreneur

  Online invoicing

  Reports and indicators graphs, online and customizable

  Primary inventory tracking

  Notifications on due dates and obligations

  Contract Management

  Electronic document management

  Expense accounts


  Automatically issue invoices

  Document templates

Unlimited number of users

  Users with different rights

  Monthly or yearly payment

Intuitive user interface

For accountant

  Primary accounting

  Stock Accounting

  Online submission of fiscal statements

  Customer messaging system

  Import data from other accounting applications

  ZERO cost of use

  Advanced data security

  No installation required

  Unlimited storage

  Interface in Romanian and English languages

Automatic Updates

  Minimal hardware resources

  Automatic backup

Use with minimal accounting knowledge


Monthly   BILL
10 EUR
20 EUR
35 EUR
Basic Features*
Automated Invoicing (via Contracts)
Simple Stock Management
Multi-Stock Management
Custom FIelds
Profit Centers
(Pay only for 10 Months!)
50 EUR
50 EUR
100 EUR
200 EUR
350 EUR
*) Funcționalități de bază Număr nelimitat de utilizatori;   Stocare documente;   Copii de siguranță automate;   Actualizări automate;   Criptare SSL;   Mesagerie internă (între utilizatori);   Import de date (via fișiere .xls, .csv);   Raport P&L;   Sistem de raportare probleme și sugestii;   Întocmire declarații fiscale (unde e cazul).
For entrepreneurs: click on a price button above, to chose the subscription type for this company.
First month for using the application is FREE. Enjoy it at MAX!
For accountants: the application is FREE. Enjoy it forever.
Prices do not include VAT.

Summing up, with MAX You have

at max

Operating in the cloud the app offers its users the newest technologies to enforce data security, privacy and hierarchical access to operations.
Additionally you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, anywhere you have internet access.

Your accountant,
yours 24/7

It's time for friendly financial accounting. You input your primary documents and you'll have an instant snapshot of your financial situation.
Not after a month, a quarter or even a year, when the financial statements are due to the authorities.


With MAX you can see at any time a Balance Sheet or a P&L!
Furthermore, you have a dashboard with all the tools you need to have a complete view of your business, in real time, and decide what's best for you and your company.

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